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See books one and two below


Executive Overview 


My goal in writing the fear clearing trilogy is to help you identify and clear your fears, anxieties, and limitations so you can become the master of your own destiny.


Do self-sabotaging fears and limited thinking constrain you from achieving your goals and aspirations? Do you keep giving up your own self-confidence and decision-making to others you perceive to be stronger than you?  Do you want to learn how to stop those destructive behaviors so you can become the master of your own destiny?


Then these transformational books in the trilogy are for you.


Becoming the master in control of your own life means that you learn how to take back your control by becoming personally responsible for your life and no longer allowing authority figures to be in charge. As you learn where the belief in fear and limitation thinking came from, you will also learn how to clear those limitations and unleash the unlimited, spiritual power you already have at your disposal, but are likely not yet aware that you possess.


Through these remarkable books, you will be guided to gain control of everything in your life, so you can personally use all of the power you possess, to create those things you most desire, no matter how large or small they may be.  All this power is at your fingertips, like the genie and the lamp, as shared in this transformational trilogy.


Books one and two, see below, have already been published. Fearless Living is a Best Seller on Amazon.

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