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My goal in writing the fear clearing trilogy is to help you identify and clear your fears, anxieties, and limitations so you can become the master of your own destiny.

Do self-sabotaging fears and limited thinking constrain you from achieving your goals and aspirations? Do you keep giving up your own self-confidence and decision-making to others you perceive to be stronger than you?  Do you want to learn how to stop those destructive behaviors so you can become the master of your own destiny?

Then these transformational books in the trilogy are for you.

Becoming the master in control of your own life means that you learn how to take back your control by becoming personally responsible for your life and no longer allowing authority figures to be in charge. As you learn where the belief in fear and limitation thinking came from, you will also learn how to clear those limitations and unleash the unlimited, spiritual power you already have at your disposal, but are likely not yet aware that you possess.

Through these remarkable books, you will be guided to gain control of everything in your life, so you can personally use all of the power you possess, to create those things you most desire, no matter how large or small they may be.  All this power is at your fingertips, like the genie and the lamp, as shared in this transformational trilogy. 

Books one and two, see below, have already been published. Fearless Living is a Best Seller on Amazon.


An abstract of each of the three books in the fear-clearing trilogy follows:




*** Book One of the Fear-Clearing Trilogy ***




Transform yourself through Transcendence and a Divine Spiritual Shift


Richard A. Feller, MA, MBA, Ph.D.


Foreword by Alan Cohen



The purpose of book one is to provide an understanding of what fear is; how fears have been fostered by earth; and how important it is to release those fears so our spiritual (not religious) self can fully emerge.  Specifically, it teaches how-to walk-in earth as a spiritual being temporarily residing in a physical body by releasing fear and mastering lessons associated with the earth plane.

The book also teaches us about who and what God is.  Not the God we have been taught that lives somewhere in the sky and is a vengeful being waiting to judge us.  Rather, we will discuss how God is the universal energy that is everywhere, and is in everything.  The energy that cannot ever be destroyed, although it can, and does constantly change form. The energy that is all existence.

This book includes the three ancient, previously hidden, secret keys to identifying and releasing fear. The keys have been provided by spiritual teachers/ mentors from beyond earth. They had been hidden to prevent persecution by formalized religion since the teachings revealed in the keys is the opposite of what is taught by earth religion and would therefore be considered by many to be blasphemy.

The three keys will allow us to open space in our subconscious mind through releasing our fears, which we can then fill with positive, constructive, love energy. In turn, it teaches us how we can use this energy to manifest the goodness we want in our world, whether it be in the form of abundance, loving relationships, health; or all three.

Book one also shares how we can walk in the spiritual manner in which God intended us to walk, with our divine self, while here in the earth plane.

This book lays the foundation for the second and third book of the trilogy.  It is a step-by-step guide in learning how to identify fears we have carried into this lifetime from prior lives, how we can identify them, release them, and then learn how to use that freed up energy to manifest the things we most desire for our world.

This book has been written, professionally edited and formatted, and is now available through Amazon.






*** Book Two of the Fear-Clearing Trilogy ***




Self-actualize yourself in the World You Create



Richard A. Feller, MA, MBA, Ph.D.




Jesus taught us that “Ye are Gods!


He was serious when he referred to our capabilities as a Co-Creator together with God. He continued his teaching by informing us that “we could achieve GREATER things than he had accomplished.”


Unfortunately, we have dismissed his words as being illusionary, as much of a fantasy as Aladin and the magic lamp. Instead, we have been indoctrinated by earth to believe and accept the opposite: That we are filled with fear, are limited, and certainly could never become divine in miniature form.


Like ancient alchemists, our spiritual purpose in earth during this life-cycle is to turn lead into gold.  In other words, we are to transform Adam, the vibrationally heavy clay man of earth; into the magnificent David, the energetically light spiritual perfection whom in truth we already are.  Drawing upon transformative principals practiced by the alchemists, this book will help us learn how our core fears have been invented, and then continually nourished; by formalized religion, government, business, and organized crime; so, we will become obedient and loyal to those institutions.


Once we gain a thorough understanding of how and why our governing institutions initially invented fear and the reasons why they continually reinforce it, we will have the opportunity to transform our lives by releasing the core fears they have programmed into our consciousness.  As we do, we will fill the vacuum left by the release of that fear energy into the creative energy of the universe, so that divine energy can manifest what we request in the personal world we habituate.


Book two will provide us with the blueprint to achieve self-mastery or self-actualization. We will learn how to customize this plan to our individual lives.


The process we will use will include a unique adaptation of the change model the author used for many years to successfully help change and transform business organizations from economic disaster into success.


It is this model, which has proven to be successful, that we will use to facilitate the successful transformation of ourselves on an individual basis.


This book is finished.  It is in the process of being professionally edited.  Although the book is not at the moment ready to be published, we anticipate it will be in the near future. Advance orders can be placed through Jeff at





***   Book Three of the Fear-Clearing Trilogy ***




And became Co-Creators with God – So can You


Richard A. Feller, MA, MBA, Ph.D.




Greek philosophers taught that every human being is “a microcosm of the



In other words, they believed that every person is a miniature form of our Creative Force, whose love thought gave birth to each of us.   All it takes to realize the uniqueness each of us represent is to realize that no two humans, out of the entire 8.6 billion living on the planet, have the exact same fingerprints, neurons, or cellular structure of another.


God is not wasteful, and did not suddenly become wasteful when Divine Intelligence created you. You are this unique, this special! Therefore, you have a special purpose and it is why you are living in earth at this time.

Spiritual and self-growth leaders have been teaching, for thousands of years, the incredible power each of us have at our disposal when we release fear.


Their wisdom is the reason we chose to focus book three on three chapters exerted from the Bible. When interpreted metaphysically, these three chapters reveal the profound and timeless wisdom used by such great spiritual teachers as Jesus and Abraham as they taught us about the crippling impact of fear, as well as how they individually practiced releasing it.


Their metaphysical teachings include how we can achieve spiritual unlimitedness by vanquishing the fears that enslave us. In turn, they encourage each of us to express our own spiritual uniqueness, as they had done; while accomplishing even greater things than they had achieved.


Spiritual leaders have consistently taught that our greatest enemies are the cocoons of fear we wrap around ourselves, because they cripple our beliefs, our thoughts, and our actions. In turn, those fears transform our potential for unlimitedness - into limitedness. While fear is initially experienced in your mind and emotions, it also triggers a strong physical reaction in your brain which severely limits your thinking capabilities.


When that happens, we are constrained, shackled, imprisoned, and fail to take advantage of the vast goodness our Creative Source has placed at our disposal. In other words, the promised bounty, the abundant harvest of goodness sits in the field always available, but unharvested; abundant, but unused.


Positive affirmations are important, but in themselves, are not sufficient. This is why many who use positive affirmations for prosperity fail to achieve the abundance they are requesting from the universe. The reason is that it makes no sense to be speaking positive affirmations aloud, while we have fears eroding our base beliefs which limit us from manifesting what we are requesting.


We have to also do the work, the practice, to have the divine manifestation take place. Like anything that is valuable, we have to earn what it is we desire.


This book, and the teachings from these great spiritual leaders is timeless. It will teach you how to achieve this outcome.


Book three is more than half written. When finished, it will be professionally edited and prepared for publication.





This book is in the process of being outlined and written. It is anticipated it will be available in the later part of 2022.


It will focus on the turbulence currently being experienced in the work place, a trend that will not only continue, but will result in even more dramatic future changes.


For example, employees are changing jobs in record numbers. Each departure is a financial disaster; even before considering the drain of intellectual capital, or learned knowledge; which is being lost to the organization.  Employees are leaving because they are searching for meaningful jobs with purpose, where they feel they can contribute and make a difference elsewhere. When they discover they can gain financially by making a switch, they are willing to gamble that their new job or career will provide them with that meaningful work.


This book will build upon the metaphysical, business, education, administrative, and psychological knowledge taught in the fear-clearing trilogy; and will describe the type of self-actualizing organization required to thrive in the future, rather than to merely survive. It will include a discussion of the type of skills required for management and non-management to survive in the future marketplace turbulence.


People work and spend more than 30% of their lives at work. Organizations with two or more people represent business, healthcare, education, non-profits, public servants such as police, firemen, and government.


The practicality of employees becoming major contributors to the organization as confident, individual energy generating dynamos; of creativity and innovativeness when their fear and belief in limitation is released is real; especially when they realize they have an opportunity to concurrently become personally self-actualized. Their positive expression can be transitioned into becoming a self-actualizing organization capable of doing enormous and totally unlimited good when that knowledge is available.


The book will also include examples of the types of business organizations the author helped to successfully transform in conjunction with the CEO and senior management teams at two of the largest corporations in the world.


This will be an important and insightful read for members of the work community as well as those who are in the process of transforming themselves into becoming masters of their own destiny.

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