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Many are confused about what spirituality, or metaphysics, means. So, I thought it beneficial to provide a definition at the very beginning, since I have integrated metaphysical and spiritual principles throughout the book, together with learnings from business, education, administration, and psychology.  I believe that metaphysics and spirituality are very closely aligned and this is the reason I have chosen to use the same overall definition for each and use them both interchangeably.


I believe that the principles of metaphysics/spirituality are as valuable in the business or work world as they are in our families or any other aspects of our life, despite metaphysics or spirituality not being words traditionally used in those settings.


Spirituality or metaphysics involves a feeling, a perception, a belief that there is something greater than yourself, that there is something more to being human than simply the sensory experiences of touch, sight, smell, taste and hearing.


It is like when you feel something is about to occur and then it does; or you dream something which then takes place; or when you experience something you feel has already happened. We have even developed a name for it and we call it de-ja vu.


Every one of us has had these types of experiences occur, some many, many times, although they are seldom openly discussed.


Metaphysics, which to many had its origin in ancient Greece with Aristotle and Parmenides around 475 BC, is a sense that there is a greatness, an order to everything that exists; that the whole of existence is divine or cosmic in nature, and that somehow, someway, we are a part of all that exists.


Metaphysics/spirituality is not a religion any more than quantum physics or mathematics is, and does not involve a gigantic white man with a long flowing beard sitting on a throne somewhere in the sky.


Rather, spirituality means an inner knowing, or perception that your life has significance in a context beyond a mundane everyday existence at the level of biological needs.


Acquiring the knowledge that your life has significance means coming to an awareness that each of us is a significant part of a purposeful unfolding of life in our universe, and that there is a purpose to our life. It is also why the vast majority of people intuitively, somehow, know that a part of us will exist after the time of our so-called earth death.


It explains the features of reality that exist beyond the physical world and our immediate five senses. It seeks to understand the invisible, spiritual nature of all life which transcends the physical or material plane in which we live.


While some define spirituality as only being concerned about the human spirit or soul in opposition to material or physical things, I take a much larger and more inclusive definition and believe that metaphysics/spirituality involves exploring such universal themes as love, fear, power, growth, guilt, violence, self-confidence, compassion, life after death, inspiration, birth, health, prosperity/abundance, wisdom, and truth; all of which are both divine and material, because they reflect who and what we are.


Spirituality/metaphysics involves an exploration of how we can learn to release the inner unlimitedness we have at our disposal; like highly enlightened individuals have done throughout history; so, we can attempt to replicate or surpass their inspirational example, as they taught.


It provides us with the stimulus to learn why Jesus who was spiritual but not religious made the statements, “You can do greater things than I have done”, and, “It is done unto you as you believe.” These principles are becoming increasingly essential in our everyday life as dramatic changes take place all around us; regardless of whether it is in becoming personally more self-aware and sensitive, enhancing the quality of your family life, or transcendence in a rapidly changing business and work world environment.


It involves gaining the knowledge that universal energy can be transformed through our focused thoughts and actions into substance and form. It provides the awareness that we are truly one with all existence.


Spirituality/metaphysics involves understanding yourself at a deeper level than you have likely ever previously explored.  It means discovering your unlimited inner nature, and then learning how to express it in your beliefs, thoughts and actions.


It involves gaining the knowledge that you are a spiritual being temporarily occupying a human body instead of a human being attempting to become spiritual; and that there are universal spiritual laws governing the universe which you can have work to your benefit instead of working against you.


Spirituality involves self-healing and personal growth so you can learn, achieve, and express such positive attributes as self-love, self-confidence, abundance, self-esteem, health, and loving relationships; together with developing an ever-expanding capacity for love and generosity so you may be of increasing service to yourself and others. 


A trend in modern society is that many are leaving formalized religion and are transitioning into spirituality to search for the answers that they believe have eluded them in formalized religion.


A person can practice spirituality/metaphysics and belong to a formalized religion. 


Or, they can practice spirituality/metaphysics without belonging to a formalized religion. 


Some do one or the other, some do both. Neither is right or wrong.  It is simply what is right for that individual.


This is why 66 million Americans, or 20% of the population in the United States today say they are spiritual, but not necessarily religious.


On a personal basis, the importance of spirituality/metaphysics is that it helps me to explore, discover, and be in a better position to express my unlimitedness, my divinity, in action and in service.


I hope it does the same for you.

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