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Introduction & Purpose of Newsletters

This is the inaugural edition of what I hope to be many newsletters. Its purpose is to communicate with our readers approximately every six to eight weeks to share information regarding generic metaphysical subjects, questions raised by readers, metaphysical terms, reviews, and the status of my upcoming publications.

It is intended to be short and concise, because we know you have busy lives, and the purpose of the newsletter is to be value-added and not time consuming. For Newsletter One, we have decided to select a generic topic many are asking about with its metaphysical implications - suicide. Suicide is frequently in the news now and appears to be increasingly in discussions around mental illness, homeliness, domestic violence, and murder.

We will then answer a question from a reader that is also frequently raised during lectures or workshops, “Are there Aliens?” Finally, we will include the definition of a metaphysical word, the status of book two of the Fear-Clearing Trilogy, and of course, a quote at the top of the page.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter. I will be pleased to receive your feedback if you have an opportunity to share it with me and I will respond.

Thank you.


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