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Dr. Feller’s seventh career is one where he is the CEO/president of a high-end, differentiated, custom home build company he envisioned and created. In this position, he personally works with customers to help them custom design, large, beautiful, environmentally friendly, multi-million -dollar green homes in the Washington, D.C. area.

Richard assists the new home owner to mentally envision what their new home will look like. He then assists them to take that vision and place it on paper. Their vision is then translated into a blueprint with specific design plans that describe the manner in which the new home will be built and constructed. It is in this manner that Richard works with each home owner to help them create their personal vision and transform it into the magnificent new custom home they initially envisioned.

He has been engaged in this business since he discovered that the vast majority (99%) of new residential home contractors are not building environmentally friendly, energy-efficient homes, even though many claim to do so. In contrast, nearly one-half of all new commercial buildings are being constructed environmentally friendly with the majority certified with LEED green certification standards.

Dr. Feller’s company is still among the only one -percent (1%) of builders in the United States who have been certified to build a LEED green residential home.

Richard believes that the process of helping a customer develop a mental vision of their future dream home, and then to assist them to transform that vision into the actual magnificent end-result of the home they had personally envisioned, is simply another application of the metaphysical/spiritual principles he espouses in his writing.

In other words, he believes that each of us, when we are willing to release our fears and limitations, have the same opportunity to envision what it is we desire regardless of whether that may be self-confidence, abundance, loving relationships, or health. Then, we can each learn how to work with natural spiritual laws to transform our vision into reality.

Everyone has a different personal vision of what they are seeking. There are 8.6 billion human beings living on earth today and all are part of the brotherhood of man. Every single one of those 8.6 billion people have been individually conceived by our Creative Source which means we are related to one another in one form or other.

Divine Intelligence, Creative Source, God, or whatever name we choose to use for this divine essence, sees each of us as a unique being, individually loved and valued. The reason we know this is that we know Divine Essence is not wasteful. The fact that every single one of the 8.6 billion individuals has a different DNA, and different finger prints, was not done randomly or by accident. 

Instead, to God, every single person is individually precious and is unlimited in terms of what they can manifest when they learn how to align themselves, without fear, to their individual vision and the magnificence they are.

Examples of different customer visions that Richard has helped owners transform into magnificent personal homes, or is presently is in the process of doing so, are shown above.

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