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Frank Sonnenberg

Honored as being the creator of one of the “Top Personal Development Blogs in the World”, with almost 5 million readers, and best- selling author of 9 self-improvement books:

“I read Dr. Feller’s first book in the fear-clearing trilogy and was extremely excited to dive into his second book, Fearless Living: Lessons to release your fears and express your magnificence.” I was not disappointed.

Richard combines his vast knowledge and experience as a business executive, educator, and minister with spiritual wisdom, and offers a very positive recipe for living. In it, Dr. Feller offers a roadmap for understanding and addressing your biggest fears in order to thrive and live a meaningful life. I especially identify with chapter 18, “Accept Responsibility for Yourself” in which he says, “Once you accept responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, and actions – your world will begin to change!”  Bravo!!!

This book is captivating, inspiring, and beautifully written.  I highly recommend it.”


Alan Cohen

One of the most popular inspirational writers and speakers in America, whose work has been translated into 31 foreign languages. His books, tapes, syndicated columns, and transformational seminars have touched millions of people. He is the best-selling author of 30 inspirational books including the best-selling A Course in Miracles Made Easy. He is a contributing writer for the #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul which has sold more than 500 million copies. He has been featured in, USA Today, and the Washington Post:

“I have had the pleasure to call Richard Feller my friend for many years. I am excited about the life-changing information you are about to receive. This book contains the answers to the many questions we all have about how to live a rewarding, soul-fulfilling, and successful life.”


Scott Allan

Best-selling author of 14 personal growth books, including Empower your Best Habits, Do the Hard things first, Empower your Confidence, and Drive Your Destiny, that have been published in 6 different languages. A former corporate business trainer in Japan, and Transformational Success Strategist, Scott has invested more than 10,000 hours of practice and research into the areas of confidence development and mindset mastery training:

Fearless Living is an exceptional book when it comes to discussing the spiritual and metaphysical realms of the universe. The content is extremely engaging and it keeps you engaged from start to finish.  If you’re looking for a book to expand your mind and open p your universe to a better way of living, then Fearless Living is the book you must read.

A definitively recommended read, if you were ready to transform your life from where you are now to where you want to be.” “MUST READ FOR SPIRITUAL AND METAPHYSICAL SEEKERS!


Beth Lynch

Former senior executive/actuary at an actuarial retirement software development firm; presently CEO/owner of a health, wellness, and fitness center:

“Have you ever read a spiritual book and thought, “This is all good, but they don’t seem to live in the same real world that I do. They don’t have to deal with the same life issues I do. If you have, then I invite you to meet Dr. Richard Feller, a real-world human being who is working in business and dealing with the same daily challenges we all face.

 I know Richard both as a friend and businessman. He is as practical and real -world as they come.

This book is rich with nuggets of spiritual wisdom that can be harvested in a single read, but the true value of the book comes not from Richard’s words so much as from the rich veins of gold you can access in your own personal spiritual Journal that Richard guides you to create in the exercises. Here you will find deeper answers to your own life, and why it has unfolded in the manner in which it has.

This is truly a tool that can change your life. It is also one of the three most powerful spiritual books; I have ever read. I strongly recommend Fearless Wisdom, and his second book, “Fearless Living”.


Kay Crawford

Wife, mother, Health Therapist, and Nutritionist:

“I love who Richard is, a kind, strong, gentle, loving, and wise man. I also love the way he writes because even though I don’t have a college degree, he brings the depth of his knowledge down to earth and makes it simple to understand and apply. It is also a fund read. I live my life according to these principles and I know they work. They will also work for you, even if at first, they may seem strange or weird.”


Jeff McCrehan

Former speech writer for the Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, FBI speech writer, and journalist:

“This book, when seriously taken to heart, will transform our character and your life story.”


Taylor Ranson

Recent graduate of Texas Tech University, and Mixologist:

“This book is life-changing.  From deep introspective personal experiences to world-changing historical events and everything in between, I was so immediately fascinated by this book that I couldn’t put it down. Using his vast knowledge and experiences, Dr. Feller perfectly outlines his “Fear-clearing strategy in such a way as not to overwhelm he reader with an illegible or esoteric information. Instead, he gives you exactly the right questions to ask yourself about understanding your fear and the proper steps to take on your journey to self-actualization.

I was amazed at how Dr. Feller was able to decode and translate causes for the major global shifts in consciousness and spirituality in general today, and how that links rights into the social/economic issues that seem to be more and more pervasive. I am excited to share this valuable resource with everyone I know together wall the trilogy books.”


Joseph DeRoche

Entrepreneur, and former manager at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City:

“In my profession, I understand fear, work with it, and know how prevalent it is in people’s lives. I commend Richard’s trilogy of fear-clearing books, and strongly recommend them to you. His great insight and personal wisdom – can help you quickly change your life for the better – when you practice what he teaches.”


Patricia McLagan

CEO, McLagan International, Inc. and author, “Unstoppable You:  Adapt the New Learning 4.0 mindset and change Your Life:”

“Richard’s insightful book reminds us that our lives are gifts infused with all the potential of the universe. As the book progresses, we learn about the spiritual Laws of the universe that flow through and around us – and the barriers to that flow. We check in with ourselves to discover, in practical and caring ways, the pure potential that is always there and potential that is there and personal fears that block it.  We also learn the reverberating effects of our own spiritual evolution on a planet and global society that are at a tipping point of massive change.


Throughout, Richard reminds us that we have all the resources we need – that we are perfect by design. Our challenge is to learn how to unleash that perfection in our lives and in the world. As a wise and caring mentor, he fulfills his goal for this book: “To send you off on a personal and self-help spiritual growth journey which will transform your life while helping you realize how special you are.

I recommend this book as one of your life journey companions.”


P.G. H.

Consultant, business owner, and university professor:

“Richard Feller brings a lifetime of growing in wisdom to this book. Regardless of where you are on your journey, you will find bits of encouragement and opportunities to move past the fears that limit you.  You will discover important questions and issues to explore in the text and in the exercises. Let this search be a springboard of new learning for you.”

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